Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer was too busy to blog!

And fall's not much of a letup!

What's been happening?

  • Debbie had her surgery, recovered most of the summer, and is now doing OK, except that she still can't stand up all day to teach, and needs a high swivel stool in her classroom to teach from (luckily we had one already.)

  • The truck I had for sale didn't sell yet, but that's good b/c the engine on my '68 truck blew and is having to be rebuilt, so I'm back to the yellow Ranger for awhile. Guess I'll keep the jumper cables handy.

  • I finally got up nerve to investigate replacing the windows in our house, starting with the one in my bathroom. Not finished yet, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that it won't be as hard a job as I thought! I'll post pix when I finish.

  • We had a great week at MissionFuge camp with the youth this summer, their band continues to get better and better (now with a name--Souled Out.)

  • Got tired of people not recognizing the mountain in our church logo as the "M" initial letter of Morganton, so I redesigned the church logo.

  • And lots, lots, more...have a lot of folks at the church sick with cancer, and one stalwart member passed away after a short, hard struggle against lung cancer and other complications.

Y'all come see us!

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